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Hydroclone Experimenter’s Kit

For research or training involving hydroclones and hydroclone systems, ChemIndustrial’s standard modular hydroclone equipment is a good starting point. Shown below is a set of modular parts for investigating performance of various hydroclone inlet geometries.

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Custom Hydroclone Inlet Configurations

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Close-up of a Typical Interchangable 2” Hydroclone Inlet

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In addition to ChemIndustrial’s standard tangential inlet configuration, we offer custom hydroclone inlet configurations in sizes compatible with ChemIndustrial’s modular stainless steel hydroclones.

  • Easy substitution of 4 alternative inlet configurations.
  • Interchangeable inlet parts substitute for standard 2” hydroclone heads.
  • Compare tangential feed vs volute feed.
  • Investigate horizontal inlets vs downward sweep inlets.
  • Blank parts to use as starting points for custom-designed hydroclone inlets.
  • Hydroclone inserts to change cone angle for classification studies.

If you need to equip a hydroclone flow lab for education or research, ChemIndustrial is your perfect equipment partner. We can provide full hydroclone systems: