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HydrocLOAN™ Process Development Cart

A ChemIndustrial HydrocLOAN™ cart provides a convenient, inexpensive way for you to perform trial processing. You test the technology in your facility, in your process.

You simply rent a cart from ChemIndustrial for as long as it takes to do your trial processing.

After dissussion with you about your process and your objectives, Chemindustrial prepares a mobile test unit with some or all of the following features/components:

3 hp stainless steel centrifugal pump capable of supplying up to 40 gpm at 50 psi

Variable Frequency Drive for pump motor speed control (460 volt or 230 volt)

A set of hydroclones, typically including one or more of the following:

  • 10mm ID- typically for flows up to 1.0 gpm
  • 1.0″ ID- typically for flows up to 10 gpm
  • 1.5″ ID- typically for flows up to 15 gpm
  • 2.0″ ID- typically for flows up to 25 gpm
  • 3.0″ ID- typically for flows up to 40 gpm

Modular parts to allow hydroclone configuration changes

Flow meters for the inlet and overflow outlet

Inlet & overflow pressure gauges

Set of connection hoses

Imhoff sample cones

ChemIndustrial welcomes the opportunity to discuss your specific application. After a short review we can provide a quote for the rental cart, including the customized set of hydroclones & change parts intended to improve your chances for a successful trial.

And your  HydrocLOAN™ rental lets you make several free support calls during the rental period.

ChemIndustrial’s quotes provide more specific details about the HydrocLOAN™ program.