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Hydroclone models and related equipment

Stainless Steel Hydroclones

Corrosion resistant 316L stainless meets most process plant requirements. Modular construction means fast delivery of new hydroclones, economical custom configurations, and quick...
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Polypropylene Hydroclones

Polypropylene has the broadest chemical resistance of any widely-used plastic; its tempature performance is sufficient for most processes. Black polypropylene parts are...
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Why Hydroclones?

Hydroclones (also called “hydrocyclones”) offer a simple, cost-effective way to separate particulates from liquids, or gases from liquids, or to separate liquid mixtures.

Like a centrifuge, a hydroclone separates based on the differential densities of the mixture fractions.

However, UNLIKE centrifuges…

  • hydroclones have no moving parts
  • hydroclones require no separate power source
  • hydroclones require less maintenance – none at all in many applications
  • hydroclones have modest prices that make them more affordable for many industrial processes

They are reliable, cost-effective, energy-efficient devices that are simple to install and effective in operation.

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ChemIndustrial hydroclones are often used in these industries:

Particulate recovery and waste handling

Chemical processing and abrasive finishing

Oilfields and remediation